Secretary Desk

    • Secretary's Desk

      Children of today are future of tomorrow. But children of rural area are generally deprived of best quality of education that is congregated only in a few hands of Elite class people. This impelled us to set up an institution in the heart of Countryside where the common people also can touch their dream within their affordable expenses. Our motto is to teach our students “Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground”. If we take proper care of them, they will grow in to healthy adults. The children need adequate nutrition , health care and education for their proper physical, mental and social growth and development. The inauguration programme was held on 16th November,2006. In this attempt we are not only trying to provide the best quality education but also we wish to present a good human being for our nation.

      Sagar Chandra Pradhan

      (Secretary of SPI, U.N.Pur)