General Rules:-

1) A student should carry his or her diary to school everyday.It must have his or her photograph with complete information duly signed by parents.

2) Students should reach the school at least 5 minutes before the bell timing.

3) Students should greet their seniors and teachers and give them due respect at all times.

4) Bullying and inappropriate language is not allowed in the school.

5) Any change of address or contact number of a student should be notified to the school immediately in writing.

6) One should speak in English only, within the school premises.

7) Irregular attendance, habitual leave or late coming any kind of cheating or serious misconduct, any habit or behaviour objectionable at the good name of the school( even outside the school premises)are sufficient for the dismissal of the pupil.

8) No books, periodicals or newspaper of objectionable nature shall be brought to the school .All books for private reading must be submitted to the teacher in charge for approval parcels and letter addressed to the students shall be subjected to inspection before handing them over to the student.

9) Ornaments and Jewellery of any kind, mobile phones are not allowed in school. To prevent loss of articles: like umbrellas, raincoats, tiffin- carriers etc. the items should be marked with the name of the child.

10) Any damage done to the school property should be made good by the people concerned.

11) No gift or presentation to the teacher is allowed; collection for any purpose what so ever requires the principal's sanction.

12) Every child attending the school is obliged to take part in all the extracurricular activities / sports and games as scheduled & no one will be excused except on medical grounds and with prior approval from the principal.

13) Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet any teachers during school hours, except when call to do so.

14) An identity card of the child will be issued to the guardian at the time of admission and this should be brought to the school by the guardian for all matters with regard to the pupil.

15) Regarding the withdrawal of a student a transfer certificate will only be issued after all  the dues have been cleared.

Absence and leave

1) No pupil unless sick should remain absent without prior permission.

2) Leave must be obtained by written application from parents or guardians in the prescribed leave records in the diary.

3) In case of sickness the school authority must be notified and the doctor’s certificate must be produced.

4) The names of those who are absent without leave for one month or more may be struck off the rolls.

5) No child is allowed to leave the school premises except on the strength of a letter of authorization from respective parents or guardians where the signature will be verified with the specimen signature in the diary.

6) The pupil must be present on the last and first working day of the school after any holiday or vacation.

7) No child suffering from a contagious disease shall be permitted to attend the school.

 Examination and promotion

1) Promotion depends on the child’s performance throughout the year and not merely on marks scored in the final examination.

2) Report of terminal examination/ report of assessments are given in the pupils’ report cards. Parents or guardians should sign them regularly and following the progress of the child. A child found with the report unsigned will not be admitted in the class.

3) Promotion is decided at the teachers’ meeting, hence results are final and cannot be re considered.

4) No student will be allowed to repeat the same class for a third time. a student who fails twice consecutively will have to be withdrawn from the school.

5) Anyone using unfair means in examination will be dealt with severely as per the discretion of the school management.

6) No pupil will be allowed to sit for promotion examination if the attendance during the year is below 75%.

7) No child suffering from a contagious disease shall be permitted to attend school.


















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  School fees

1)The fees of the school cover twelve calendar months and must be paid in the school from 1st to 12th of every current month (after 12th of every month late fees rupees 20 per month).

2)Fees should be paid as per the new fees structure for the new academic session.

3)Fees for the holiday month of December and May or June must be paid in advance before the terminal examination or board or annual examination.

4)The school management reserves the right to make any alternation in the fees rates. These will be conveyed to parents in writing within a minimum of one months’ notice.

5)If a student fails to pay the fees on or before the last day of the due months, a fine as specified will be charged. Long lapse of time without payment may call for removal of the child's name from the roll.

General information to parents

1)Guardian/parents are obliged to follow the rules of the school as framed above or subsequently made thereafter as long as their child/ward is studying in the school.

2)They are expected to cooperate for the smooth functioning of the school by enforcing punctuality, discipline in their ward. They are also expected to take interest in the progress of their wards, as per the feedback given by the school during parent teacher meeting and through remarks in the students’ diary.

3)Guardians are requested to collect their wards promptly after the school. The wards can remain in the school premises for 15 minutes only after the schedule time.

4)Guardians are not allowed to meet the teachers without prior approval on the request made in the register kept for the purpose.

Visiting hours-

Principal will be available for any discussion /consultation with parents after appointment.


Notice Board

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