"Knowledge is power”. Knowledge is considered superior to physical strength in gaining success. A society or community that is devoid of knowledge is considered backward. The rise of human beings as the most powerful living-beings on planet is only due to the knowledge. No individual or nation can prosper in life without knowledge.

South Point Institute always guides students to enhance their knowledge. To cater to the needs of the students S.P.I. library house a collection of 10,000 volumes including magazines, newspaper periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, subject  and general reference to  enrich the learning process of the beloved students.

 Library rules

1)Book will be issued once a week.

2)While taking a book, if any defect is notified it should be brought to the notice of the teacher.

3)Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower.

4)Students cannot share issued library book with each-other.

5)Students are not allowed to keep any books issued from the library longer than 2 weeks without permission.If the student fails to do so a fine of rupees 1/- per day will be charged.

6)Before taking a new book each student should return the old book and record it in the register.

Notice Board

  • Happy Independence Day